Blog it baby! Rock it baby!

Buenas dias. This is post#1. It will not be reedited ever and this is the propably the only article for which this rule will apply. Sincerity, reasoning or debate are not requested. This is propaganda at its best – it is überganda! And it should rock.

As we try to be truely global and glocal – this blog is in Deutsch and english – y en espanol. Depends on the subject what suits best.

The idea of this blog is to create a release valve for thought particles, so that they stop to jaming my essences – am I speaking clearly? Also my buddies complain about my habit of sending mails about any new exploration, thought, assumption, observation or garbage I have frequently. So this blog is the space where all of the above will be stored. Ubiquitos data, information or knowledge. Alles klar?

Mr. buZzman! Tear down this dam! Let the essences flow freely!

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