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Jonathan Callan: South East Asia and China in Images of the Rust Belt (2017)

Jonathan Callans sculptures are (to the most extent) made out of books and he invented a form to question how information can be portrayed and transported, taking it out of […]

Kill, kill, kill! Chinas Warriors

The Peoples Republic of Chinas’ military, the Peoples Liberation Army, has a new recruitment video to lure young men into service. The purpose is quite clear: Win wars by kill, […]


Innere Angelegeheiten oder "Angst vor China"

Unsere Gesellschaft wird zunehmend von Ängsten geprägt. Angst vor allem Fremden. Schweinegrippe. Terrorismus. Klimakatastrophe. Diffuse Ängste scheinen geradezu symptomatisch für eine Risikogesellschaft zu sein, die elementare Risiken und unwahrscheinliche Gefahren […]