Adapt or Die – about the culture of innovation

Scary. While corporations are dramatically rethinking the way they innovate, the US Forces adapt to this new mindset and facilitate their way of a culture of innovation. They even use rethoris as “how we as leaders are doing business every day” while arguing tactics on the battlefield. Joint Chief of Staff refers to “football game franchise analogies” – dios mios. No surprise to me these disciplined guys with great haircuts often make career in the private economy later – it’s a war for paranoids. In “an institutional army that gets out the products out there to transition quickly”. Can Open Innovation be created in an organization type with the hierarchicy as an army has it? Could you create Open Innovation in China? Or is it Open Copyshop? I believe the only organization type to adapt innovation is a real project management organization that works in the enviroment of a free society. Project management reduces the need for a strong hierarchy, actually it defers an efficient work style. By the way: Have we spoken about the popular rise of military analogies in corporations lately? Headcount? Bodycount? Deploy our troups in low cost country markets? Are you with me? Yes, my former boss was using all of that kind of bullshit expressions and analogies. Trueth or falsety, it didn’t matter at all and served another purpose. “Bullshitism” serves well the technocrats and inhuman taylorists. Thanks goodness I left the automotive industry.

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    …and the sad thing is that these folks don’t even know they’re doing it….monkey see, monkey do !

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