Time Magazin: buZzman! is Person of the Year 2006

Since 1927 Time Magazin is announcing the Person of the Year. This year I’m very proud to announce that I was elected for 2006. For my efforts to create rich media content, I was considered to be the person that had the biggest effect on the year’s news. This is the second time that buZzman! has been Person of the Year, he also was considered in 2002 while being spotted with his troubled love life with Heidi Klum. Among the people that have been granted this title are so honourable people as Mahatma Ghandi (1930), Albert Einstein (Century Award), the Computer (1982) and….oh. Well, not very honourable Mr. Adolf Hitler (1938) and Tovaresh Joseph Stalin (1939) got them too. Ah, damn it. By the way: I heard that you have been elected as well.Congrats anyway.

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