Bährlin – ick mag Dir

Back again in the capital of fun guerilla – Berlin! Three days left a lasting impression on the creative center of Germany these days. Despite this opulence the lack of creativity and ideas that breed new ideas on how to solve social problems is frightening. Unemployment rising, youth poverty, organized crime and prostituion (Kokotten everywhere) – what a great adventure park for spoiled rich kids to study or waste time. It is now almost 5 years that I left the city to stop this sweet time of doing nothing with bitterness as Cologne was not a substitute in cultural dimensions. Berlins brightest star is the Museumsinsel which opened another fabulous museum perfectly refurbished (for years!) in October ’06: The Bode. The sculptural collection alone is worth the travel. Let your appartment be decorated by Matthias Barten, let the fresh Albarn be your compagnion and taste the exotic meals of Indian kitchen at Amrit (Kreuzberg – not Mitte!) or chinese kitchen at Good Friends. This all guarantees you an enjoyable stay of which I have posted some pictures here.

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