Alive 2007 – Daft Punk

Incredible, maybe the best Electro concert seen on this planet so far and now their have produced their second live Album after “Alive 1997“, the fantastic live album “Alive 2007“. Ten years after they show how much hard work has been done and now they are better than ever. Right now I see know electronic band that can match with them – not even Kraftwerk at their best (so 30 years back). The show is a long lasting impression you will not forget, the emotions are on a all time high, the music is even better than what they had done in the studio. You should have a look and if possible, even if you have to take a plane, try to get a ticket to their rare shows. Surely they will sell a DVD short before Christmas – if not I’d be angry! Buy this record on iTunes (KAUBEFEHL!) in the extended version to enjoy their previousy unreleased song “Human”. Not only a memorabilia of a great concert, but definitively an outstanding live album!

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