Berlusconi gets his blast by a Lady

What happened in Italy after Obama was elected? Berlusconi had said on Thursday that Obama, who will be the first African-American US president, was “handsome, young and also suntanned”. How stupid can one be, how chauvinistic and dumb? Congrats Silvio, you get the 1st price!

France’ First Lady now responded in a rhetorically weak and rather not very clever way. Nevertheless she was right to address that matter:

“When I hear Silvio Berlusconi … joke about the fact that Obama is ’always tanned’, it feels strange to me,” she told le Journal du Dimanche newspaper in an interview published on Sunday. “Some people will no doubt put it down to humor, but often I find that I am pleased to have become French,” she said. When it comes to matters of race and diversity how outstanding is even France compared to populist president Silvio Berlusconi, how obviously has not realized how important it is for western societies to handle diversity and be open to different races, ethnicities and of course gender without prejudice.

The Italian-born model and pop singer became a French national and gave up her Italian citizenship after she married French President Nicolas Sarkozy in February. Let’s hope Italy will have the chance to elect a better leader in the next election than the chauvinistic ally of Georgy Bush Jr.

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