A Kiss for Children

Ilona Kiss is an ambitious, diligent and intelligent lawyer and mediator who moved to Vietnam a few years ago for private and business reasons. It’s wortwhile telling you a bit more about her work, since besides being professionally engaged in the legal field, she has started an affectionate passion to support those, who need our help the most: Orphans and especially orphans in one of the poorest countries in the world, Vietnam. Despite Vietnams quick economic rise, this still communist country suffers from inequality and has problems to support the weakest in their society. If you live in this country, you can either hide from its social problems in rich suburbs with high fences and spend the time playing pool and having some drinks in former imperialistic clubs or you can act. Ilona for herself decided to act and founded “A Kiss for Children“. She uses all her professional knowledge to raise money to support these leftalone children. The reasons for the existence of orphans can be so versatile and diverse, especially in a troubled country with an even more troubled history, we should not ask for those reasons alone and help them to change. It’s the vietnamese society to solve these problems at first with our support, we have to respect it and support orphans for reasons of humanity.

The west and the east fought out their interests in these countries for a too long time. Vietnam trieds to rebuild itself and we profit from that everyday – we all have a business relationship with this country (have a look at your sneakers or bags), so it is even more important to support social entrepreneurs as well. Otherwise we again would ignore the problems of the 3rd world, criticizing the government and not do a thing about it that still respects the other parties interest. Read about her work here and learn how you can help, I can guarantee you that the money is well spent since I know her and appreciate her work and her integrity.

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