Richard Fuld on his salary

While Lehman Brothers was circling the drain and investors were losing their shirts, Former CEO Richard “Dick” Fuld tries to defend his salary and bonuses. He took $480 million and had his subjective ratio to say (about his options) “if I didn’t take them, I would have lost them”.

More provocing however seems to be the irritation, that he is not actually able to recognize immediately if his salary and bonuses he earned were indeed correct. How, so you might think, can you not know what you precisely have earned if it was not actually important to him. If the amount of salary is not important, than it could have not been adequate as he earned much more than he required even compared to the folks he was competing against. What the fuck, important was simply if the salary matched size of ego and comradery comparisons.

Lehman Brothers went to bancruptcy on the 15th of September and became the cornerstone of the Financial Crisis that evolved around 2008.


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