Can Food heal? Well, I don’t believe that is exactly true in the exact wording put forward, but food as much as pharmaceuticals can support the immune system fighting a disease and improve the overall nutrition drastically. It may not be true that “natural” means actually healthier, since processing food is a mastery that we took thousands of years to get it done properly. However, these foods can undoubtedly an impact on your body and maybe these recipes linked here really help when it ails you (my tip: if you have stomach pain, put some ginger in it but not too much – it’s otherwise too spicy!). So we do need juice mainly because livers and other internal organs are stressed to the max from pollution, artificial ingredients, impure water, drugs and pesticides. So these ingredients could help do the following:

1. Liver cleanser: beets, parsley, carrots, celery
2 Blood purifier: carrots, parsley, broccoli sprouts
3. Preventer: carrots, kale, broccoli stems and florets, garlic clove, kale
4. Skin and blood vessel booster: strawberries, oranges, apples, pomegranates
5. Heart happy: grapes (organic and with seeds), pepper, guava, pineapple

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