Alessandro Michele: Gucci F/W 2018

Yesterday I had not heard the name Michele, today I have to say that this is innovative, exceptional and inspiring fashion. Tom Ford, his predecessor, celebrated symmetry that in the end became as boring and dull as Tom Fords face in never ending advertisments. Guccis Michele sees beauty in the asymmetric, absolutey a contradiction to Fords philosophy. Jared Leto is the most prominent example of a “fashion icon” that wears this new style wherever he appears – and it is always exciting, despite it sometimes looks simply ridicolous. Obviously one should not care if the goal is to achieve attention. The fall/winter 2018 collection is worth seeing, also because of its accessories that are not often seen: Dragons, Men with horns, a woman with her head in hands, a chameleon in a operating theatre. Strange at first (unusual models too), but how many styles he successfully fuses and so many ideas from the arts are being imported, even the movie gadgets. Would I wear that? Likely not, but I would like to look at people who do! Maybe I should add a category “Fashion” to this blog, if it stays as interesting as this. Some critics said that they disliked the addition of theatrical staging in these shows and cinematic settings, but to me despite being a distraction from the fashion, it completes a wonderful theater of fashion that is neither mundane nor boring. An aesthetic that is not based on perfection and symmetry really makes a difference – Michele is one of these paradise birds that turn the fashion scene upside down from time to time. Let’s see if this also creates some alltime classics such as the Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent or similiar piece, that were both exciting and attractive forever.

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