Szabolcs Veres Arbeiten in seinem Atelier in der Fabrica de Peinsule im Februar 2016, Cluj, Rumänien
Szabolcs Veres Arbeiten in seinem Atelier in der Fabrica de Peinsule im Februar 2016, Cluj, Rumänien

Conceived: Wild Table


Vegan Protein Fusion Crazyness

Mein heutiger Tag begann mit einer ungeplanten Tiefenanalyse des Veganismus. Erst las ich mit Amusement den Artikel “Veganes Zwangsleben mit Verbotessa Marie Antoinette Hofreiter”, dann platzte diese Ernährungsphilosphie sogar materiell […]


GMOAT – Greatest “Mensch” of all Times

Muhammad Alis lesson about life that applies to everyones life. And you get an idea why he made so much out of his time even though he was severly sick […]



Life at its core is poetry. Truth is like poetry. Truth is hard to grasp. It is elevating, cruel, beautiful, perfect, random, unexpected, horrifying, lovely, sweet. Most people hate poetry. […]

Robert Savio

Mario Savio

„… and if President Kerr in fact is the manager, then I tell you something — the faculty are a bunch of employees! And we’re the raw material! But we’re […]

Károly Keserü Works on Paper

Károly Keserü – bitter

Proudly I would like to present another artist recently added to my modest collection: Károly Keserü. To start the collection I have aquired the above work “Untitled” (1601133) via Patrick […]


Deutsche Bahn

Die Bahn kommt. ….zu spät. Ab Köln HbF nach Heidelberg HbF. Es soll ja schnell gehen. ICE – Beaaaaaaaaaaaam! Dann Realitätscheck. Zugnummernanzeige am ICE defekt. Keine Auskunft der Mitarbeiter. Wortloses […]


Kill, kill, kill! Chinas Warriors

The Peoples Republic of Chinas’ military, the Peoples Liberation Army, has a new recruitment video to lure young men into service. The purpose is quite clear: Win wars by kill, […]


Apples Genie Steve Jobs? Genie Steve Jobs ohne Apple?

Es war absehbar, dass das Wachstum von Apple irgendwann eine Delle kriegt. Es liegt nicht an den bestehenden Produkten, die bis auf Details in Summe alle sehr, sehr gut sind. […]


Dan Maciuca: Utopian Proximity

Among the Cluj Painters I collect Dan Maciuca has recently achieved a significant creative breakthrough. Earlier works of this self- titled abstract expressionist where compared to Frank Auerbach, however today […]