Puzzled about the Afro-Cosmic-Maestro DJ

My friends and I had the pleasure to dance to the sounds of DJ Beppe Loda – the master of Afro Cosmic Disco and former resident DJ of the Typhoon (80-87!). It was so fantastic – edgy and groovy at the same time that I wrote some flattering lines to Beppe. Maybe that was not such a great idea as I’m still puzzled about his response:
hi Markus
thank you.
to be a period of time that to be returned it wants to me of disco music. me it seems that this appeals to very to the public in every place where I go to play. and I find that it is still a lot amusing and people of these times have need of joy.
ciao beppe
We saw DJ Beppe Loda with some unknown, but horny chicks on the 9th of Dec at Salon des Amateurs which is a small sized but perfectly located, stylish club with irresponsibly placed funiture (Janni – alles ok?) and crazy dudes spraying whiskey on the plebs. My recommendation is to check some old tunes of his at http://www.gomma.de/content.html. Has little to do with the set we heard – but is satisfying the common need for joy :-)

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