An American Index of the hidden and unfamiliar

Cryonic Chamber
Cryopreservation UnitCryonics InstituteClinton Township, Michigan

This is one of Taryn Simons pictures of her breathtaking series of photographies she has called “An American Index of the hidden and unfamiliar”. Her iron will to photograph the extraordinary made it possible to photograph some of the most secretes areas in the US. This cryopreservation unit holds the bodies of Rhea and Elaine Ettinger, the mother and first wife of cryonics pioneer, Robert Ettinger. Robert, author of “The Prospect of Immortality” and “Man into Superman” is still alive. The Cryonics Institute offers cryostasis (freezing) services for individuals and pets upon death. Cryostasis is practiced with the hope that lives will ultimately be extended through future developments in science, technology, and medicine. When, and if, these developments occur, Institute members hope to awake to an extended life in good health, free from disease or the aging process. Cryostasis must begin immediately upon legal death. A person or pet is infused with ice-preventive substances and quickly cooled to a temperature where physical decay virtually stops. The Cryonics Institute charges $28,000 for cryostasis if it is planned well in advance of legal death and $35,000 on shorter notice.

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