Your race to the moon, Obama: Green Capitalism!

Welcome Utopia! What do you need to overcome difficult times? What can you do to rebuild the economy? You need a new project, a new inspiring task for the society as a whole. Kennedy had a project to show the dominance of the western free world against communism: The race to the Moon. It was not only a prestige project (nothing bad about it if it has a purpose), it created the most modern economy in the world and brought us all techniques we would use today as for example Project Management. Even more important: It was THE signal project, THE ambition, THE challenge, THE goal. And that is what you need, if you talk about change – a common goal.

This goal could substantially help to evolve the US economy. It is up to Obama as the 44th President of the United States and he can have this impact and lead shift into this direction. Of course, he will have a difficult start: He has to cut deficit spending soon, he has to overcome international conflicts. But what will he do against a climate at risk? Well, here is the response: He should open up the race for a green planet, the first fully sustainable economy in the world. A society, that is no longer depend on cheap oil, coal and gas from Hell, but energies from heaven such as water, wind and especially solar energy

That could not only create thousands of jobs, it would create common sense about what to do and the free world would show it’s leadership towards other economies such as China, that work in the complete opposite direction and enable their economy to close the gap by a quick pollution and use of non-renewable energies.

Picture: Neil Armstrong / Nasa

It could be the most prestigous race ever, since you do not only put a man on a dead planet, but you save mother earth instead. What would be morally more valuable and give you the respect of the whole world? Is that not a price worth fighting for? Well, it will be difficult to do that, much more difficult than the race for the moon. You could argue for the moon project by telling the folks, that if we are not there first within a decade, the ruskies will be there and we have no chance to enter. Same situation now: The first economy independent of foreign energy supply will be the most powerful in the world – a free nation at last.

Race could start as early as defence spending is cut and first projects of the new deal show effect – but don’t wait for a budget surplus, planet earth cannot wait forever. And there is no reason why infrastructure build up would not mean building up alternative energy supplies – not drillin’ somewhere new, baby. Instead of NASA building a new institution on the foundation of NASA, a science project that involves not only technology but all sciences: Social science, economists, engineers….all the experts you need. It so much more difficult to change the habits of the common people than to shoot 3 men to moon and return them safely to earth. But do not tell me it is not possible – when you had men on the moon!

The best men and women are just good enough and they will come because there is more to earn than just money. Welcome Utopia? No, there is no other possibility as to act and this is the best option Obama could have. I hope, he uses it. (Published first 6th November 2008)

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