Health Bill

The Health Bill has divided the United States that Obama wanted to reunite after Bush. Despite the promises made, the President of the US finally achieved his biggest victory that Democrats sought for decades. The LA Times illustrated, how historical this bill is for the US and that after the civil rights movement, this bill has the power to divide the country deeply (propably at cost of Obamas reelection) and will reunite it when it comes into effect:

“But Sunday, after more than a year of procedural delays, partisan battling and a nail-biting search for votes, congressional Democrats seemed more focused on history than the remaining parliamentary obstacles.

Meeting at midday across the street from the Capitol, they received a final pep talk from Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a veteran of the civil rights movement who, the day before, had been the target of racial epithets from a crowd of protesters.

Lewis reminded the assembled lawmakers Sunday that they were voting on the 45th anniversary of one of the famous civil rights marches between Selma, Ala., and Montgomery, Ala. Lewis had been beaten by police during the first of those marches.

After the caucus meeting ended, Lewis linked arms with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and other senior Democrats for a walk with the assembled lawmakers to the Capitol through a gauntlet of protesters shouting, “Drop dead Pelosi” and “Save the Constitution.””

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