The nature of revolutions

It is the nature of revolutions, that they are unforeseeable. Just like a massive crisis or catastrophe, it is neglected before it starts to exist. Otherwise it couldn’t be called a revolution, that is its nature. If somebody tries to foresee a revolution or catastrophe (PC, Internet, Financial Crisis, etc.), he always will have to admit that he is gambling. But you can increase the likelyhood of success if you play your cards on many tables. However, that is costly and it may occur that you miss a table, when you won as your focus was elsewhere and you were not persistent enough to continue gambling at that particular table. So, there is nobody who can “see”, you can only do and hope, that eventually this may be of benefit and maybe it will evolve into a revolution. But as with any revolution, it’s benefit can always change into the contrary, for example the advantage of nuclear power is linked to the risks involved. So there we are, Dualism again as the order principle. What we are looking for is the continuation of a dual mechanism that produces something new, the child or in philosophical words: pluralism. Whatever you are looking it, it is about evolution, change and recreation in many ways. And their nature is unforeseeable.

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