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Mr. Cool (B.O. 2015) – Barack Obama

Nach dem Porträt der jungen Angela Merkel hab ich mich an Barack Obama alias Mr. Cool versucht. Ging nicht so einfach, der Mann hat auch einige Details, die mir nie […]

Health Bill

The Health Bill has divided the United States that Obama wanted to reunite after Bush. Despite the promises made, the President of the US finally achieved his biggest victory that […]

Your race to the moon, Obama: Green Capitalism!

Welcome Utopia! What do you need to overcome difficult times? What can you do to rebuild the economy? You need a new project, a new inspiring task for the society […]

Termites from outer space

Odd photographies – the crowd resembles bee swarms or termites, if you watch them from space. And do count the candy in the presidential helicopter, it’s insane!

Obama: President for the Middle Class

Difficult times bring us great men. Good times invite weak men to take over. Bush had the best of times and he ruined what he inherited. A solid budget, good […]