Corporate Compliments – Loyality Marketing in reality

Some products are so great, I just happen to love them. My Crumpler bags, my Fender Guitar, my Audi, my moustard from ABB, you name it yourself. So why not thank the creator of such a genious invention that is worth your trust and money? I do so frequently, although many say it is a waste of energy. And I’m often forced to agree, my love is not always felt and I’m often close to breaking my heart again and again. It’s insane, but why not simply take your customers seriously and sent a compliment back? Not in the process schemes of many corporate giants. Some days your response is “We can confirm the receipt of your e-mail and will respond shortly.” Usually, nobody feels responsible for positive feedback and you wait forever. Every Marketeer should since they customers form your most loyal base and can also give you precise feedback what creates the value proposition, they some people are often confused about (Brand, Functionality, what the heck is it and what’s it worth?

But there are exceptions, especially in small corporations, this is my favorite example: I wear shoes from Crocket-Jones who are not only manufacturing beautiful handmade shoes, but are also available for an affordable value-for-money rate. And they do that with passion! I praised a certain model because of the quality it has offered to me – Just check out how they responded, it was really nice and heartwarming: ”

Date: 18. Dezember 2008 19:24:10 MEZ
An: “buZzman>
Betreff: Re: Trade Enquiries

Dear Mr Bussmann

Thank you for your very kind e-mail, and comments.

I will forward your comments to the very skilled people who
actually make the shoe in our factory, I am sure they will
welcome you appreciation for all their hard work.

I will also forward the e-mail to Mr Jonathon Jones of the
Crockett & Jones family.

Any questions you have can be e-mailed, phoned 020 7929 2111
or faxed 020 7929 0110 to myself at Mail Order Dept.

Thank you.

(Crockett & Jones, Mail Order Dept.)

Now I won’t tell you what I exactly wrote to them, so you know which shoe is good for what purpose, this is no fashion magaziine – but they know it know and most certainly will keep their value proposition. So follow their example – if you have fans, you better keep ’em – their loyality can make you a rich man!

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