Putin is up for war. War because his KGB-System has failed to adapt to the modern western world and open societies. Make it clear: Putin is Darth Vader, there is no question about it any longer. Our globalized world spreads wealth and knowledge, Putins system is a failure. As his comrade Lawrow, they both try to defend their failed lives, which they invested in a sowjet career before their system imploded. Now they want their faith to be restored, otherwise their lives would be invested in wreckage of a communistic heritage. Because thinking in interest spheres is from colonial times and a country cannot be forced against its political will to move away from Russias cleptocracy to Europe as Ukraine, Russia is lost, nowbody follows them in joy except North Korea possibly. Ukraine has voted in a free and open election, it is their wish to follow its neighbour Poland in prosperity. Putins nationalistic-ethnical narrative of a gay-pervert-west is insane and a complete lie, Russia is lost in time. They invest heavily in propaganda, in the MH-17 myth and finance right wing populistic parties such as LePen. Now Putins propaganda has no last ressort, he cannot give in to the west without destabilizing his own system. He is at his last resort, ready for suicide. This will come to high cost for Russia, economically, since they are fully dependent on exports. But this is where the KGB can count on controlling the country for more time with a strong hold on the Oligarchs – it centralizes decision making and it is easy to kill those, who do not follow. Sad for Russia, sad for the world. It seems to take longer to destroy the remains of the communistic tyranny.

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