Hedwig Brouckaert: O.T. (Marie Claire) 2014


Aus meiner Sammlung noch eine Neuigkeit: Von Hedwig Broukaert habe ich ein neues Werk aus 2014 erworben. Zur Begleitung ergänze ich ein paar Daten und Fakten von der Seite Ihres Galeristen Martin Kudlek.

Welcome to your new home!

About the work:

Advertising images of magazines and mail order catalogues are the source of my drawings, prints and installations. I transfer the images of figures or elements such as hair. Through my extensive layering process, the figures lose their individual characteristics and become part of a mass, a zigzagging chaos of lines.
I am interested in the tension between the banal, highly representational and readable starting point – advertisements, which have to get a message across as clearly as possible – and the abstracted, illegible result of the layering process. The final drawing is a sort of compact image or an abstract of the whole magazine: All the information is in there, but condensed and illegible.

The images I use often have extremely high production value. Magazines arriving as a pristine, glowing object in the mail or on the newsstand yet meant to disappear quickly and to become trash, to be replaced by the most recent up to date information. My work on the contrary, is the result of an antiquated and slow process. It refers to the culture that produced those images, but totally transforms the original narrative.

Vita of Hedwig (Link)

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