The gospel of 1.000.000 (Honda) Dreams and Johann Sebastian Bach

I spent some nights now in the Expads zoos of the city, a place called Camargue is my favorite. It offers overpriced Cocktails, nice lights and Pool Billiard and many Expads. I recognized that I have a bad emotional balance towards corporate Expads, especially prestige oriented, young professionals. Guys, send on a mission to invade the country now for economic terms, talking drunk to or about vietnamese girls and giving a shit on anything except their new Rolex (copy?). The appearance of some danish girls later proved that I did not loose any of my asthetic preferences yet. That was futile as I was too drunk to enter any serious conversation that I had required after a week of stress on the streets and marketing bullshitting. I made some new friends playing Pool, it is such a universal game and simple game. On the sunday afternoon I finally was able to really some hours in the Illy Cafe close to the Opera, at least one place in Saigon to drink a proper cup of coffee in a beautiful italian interior design. How fucked up is the „Apocalypse Now“ – Bar instead, my last exit to a bar on the way home. Exploiting the name, too crowded, no reference to the movie at all, no class, just crowded drunk Australians, prostitutes, overpriced tiger beer – what a poor place. The right place to loose control and ugly memories. I was lucky to leave that place with a mate soon and now know that there is no place left in the city that plays „The End“ meditatively except my Ipod. I need to recommend to you my best way of not losing your mask of insanity hre in the morning traffic: Try Johann Sebastian Bachs chorals on your Ipod as loud as you can– it is so relaxing on the motorbike! My favorite: “Wir setzen uns mit Tränen”, the final choir from the St. Matthew passion. That is music Saigon has not started to dream about!

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