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The Temple of the Jade Emperor – New Pictures from Saigon

On the northern edge of the city, the Temple of the Jade Emperor (Chua Ngoc Hoang) hides in the Mai Thi Luu street at No. 73. From the outside it […]

The gospel of 1.000.000 (Honda) Dreams and Johann Sebastian Bach

I spent some nights now in the Expads zoos of the city, a place called Camargue is my favorite. It offers overpriced Cocktails, nice lights and Pool Billiard and many […]

Hard’n the fuck up Germans! – the War Museum

Remember that ultimate killer phrase in the Python & Fawlty Towers sketches, when the Germans showed up? „Don’t mention the war!“ For Vietnam it is very much the same. The […]

The Merchant of Saigon

Saigon, also known now as Ho-Chi-Minh-City. The name was engrafted to this vibrant economic capital after Ho Chi Minh, Vietnams charismatic leader. Nevertheless, Saigon is still Saigon – there is […]

10 Eternal and Essential Rules of Saigon Scooter Riders

So, my dear friend. You dare to ride a scooter in Ho-Chi-Minh-City without having heard about my rules? Crazy fool, that could be the last time you pull the gas […]

Modern Talking

Wer sich nächtlich mit dem Taxi durch die Boulevards von Ho-Chi-Minh-City schlängelt, in dem Wirrwarr von Rollern, Rikschas und Limousinen, der sollte sich einmal auf ein Gespräch über die musikalischen […]

Apocalypse Now!

Sonntag, 4ter März. 10:45 Ortszeit Landung mit Singapur Airlines in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, dem ehemaligen Saigon. 4 Wochen Jubel, Trubel, Heiterkeit – und ein wenig Arbeit. Mit Erleichterung stelle ich fest, daß […]