The Temple of the Jade Emperor – New Pictures from Saigon

On the northern edge of the city, the Temple of the Jade Emperor (Chua Ngoc Hoang) hides in the Mai Thi Luu street at No. 73. From the outside it appears modest, but do not miss to visits it’s interior. Built by a Cantonese Daoist in 1909, it is full of colourful sculptures, wood carvings and a smell of olibanum. People do not get irritated during their prayers when you pass by and it’s not an issue to continue drinking your pepsi as it is served in a fridge around the corner. The Jade Emperor is in Daoism the highest principle of heaven. He was propably the first chinese emperor and all that followed called themselves sons of Yu Di (Son of Heaven). Don’t miss some more NEW PICTURES I took in Saigon during the last two days, after I finally managed to get me a new camera to replace my stolen Canon Ixus (Europe) by a identical Canon Ixy (Asia).

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