Twitter could help Google form a real Epic 2014

It’s the hottest gossip for days, that Google tries to aquire Twitter, the microblogging service. Although that may be too early to be verified, it could be a inspiring leap for the Search Giant. People who refrain using it may not understand the value of the information provided, but who can understand the intention of many SMS that are sent? At first, Twitter appears to be confusing and there seems to be no order in a lot of data chaos. It takes time to get used to it, but as soon as you connect with people frequently, you will find it entertaining, informative and indeed useful.

Since it’s not only the first popular microblogging service, but more, the backbone can provide the first public realtime searchengine, that can tell how hot news, politics, brands, movies, you name it, really are. What intrigues users, what do they value and what seems to be of importance – just check out my own Account: This is a service Google can add to their services for Search or Advertising – Google can tell corporations now only where and how they should promote services, but also when and in which country Users would propably not mind if the service checks out certain tags for frequeny as long as personal secrets are kept. User rates are skyrocketing with Twitter and people start to understand the value of it and why it is really a extension to SMS. Right now it is only stopped by the infrastructure: Webphones such as the iPhone are yet not widely spread, people may not be permitted to use Twitter at their corporation since corporate information can then no longer be controlled and for sure Countries such as China will not invite Twitter to build up their service there. Right now Twitter is foremost a US phenomena, Twitter users in Europe are still very limited in numbers.

That all made me remember Epic 2014, a fascinating vision of the media future. With Twitter, Google would hold a key to develop a real EPIC. Just replace Amazon with Twitter and you are nearly there.

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