Mark Zuckerberg - V - sie sind unter uns...

Dump the social network

Mark Zuckerberg - V - sie sind unter uns...

Woz dumps Facebook: “Facebook brought me more negatives than positives”

Will the majority of users be sheep? Soon to be all forgotten since the alternatives are not there that works as addictive as Facebook? Data traffic seems to go down already at least…emotionally and psychologically I believe leaving is a certain plus. Only curiosity remains to be fed? It is still addictive, that is for sure!

Role Model for Feminism, Lean-In Sheryl Sandberg, claimed it was all about naivity: “We really believed in social experiences. We really believed in protecting privacy. But we were way too idealistic. We did not think enough about the abuse cases,” Sandberg told NPR. Naivity? Sandberg? Zuckerberg? You bet!

Ridiculous! Zuckerbergs as well as Facebooks business model always was to exploit private data, use it for all human weaknesses from curiosity, jealousy to vanity and then to use that for manipulative purposes – advertising, politically or for consumer products and of course not paying a dime, putting moral and ethics or concerns for stability of societies aside.

Idealism to share information looks different, then you do not run a SEC-listed Fortune company, you would run Wikipedia instead! I did understand this all the time, but I cannot stand the hipocrytes.

Zuckerberg obviously is the perfect asshole as portrayed in “The social network”. Still I am member of a club with an asshole as its leader. Why do I not simply leave? Well, the logic is almost whimsical, it is like there is a dancing club where all the “hot women” show up and I am the lonely idiot that wants to take at least a look. And if I look in the other clubs, there is nobody there, so I still am with the asshole run club and tell all the nice chicks: “Don’t you want to leave and go somewhere nice?” And so far, nobody listens cause nobody wants to leave the heat of the social network, where everybody hangs around. Well played Marc, but keep it for yourself.

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