Wild | Table @ Matterhorn

Goldfrapp “Felt Mountain” record backside with an photo of a Wanderer towards Matterhorn

Utopia #closertonature #wildtable When chancer bite me in 2005, my soul needed hope and an utopia to survive it. I found it in this picture, the backcover of Goldfrapps Utopia record (2000), I had it perfectly visualized when the doctors send me into the surgery theater. I flew like a bird to the mountain. Fascinating as a woman, mighty as a giant when I look at it. I passed this picture on to Paul in 2016 when #Spectre put poison in the Monkey Gin. #Matterhorn


Felt Mountain

This is life. #closertonature #wildtable After 3 years of suffering, Paul invited me to see the giant with our own eyes. It took a group of 7 friends to walk the trail. Closer to nature, we had a Wild | Table with a view. It all felt just perfect.


Naughty & Georgia


Father and Son


We found the spot of the picture from the record cover. There was a sign and it read: “Gottes Macht zu helfen ist so groß, daß er immer einen Weg und eine Hilfe für Dich hat.” MB

Die Werke des Herrn sind groß, zum Staunen für alle. Psalm 111,2

Path of Life

Wandern #closertonature #wildtable Wandering we found wisedom. We have to enjoy the ride while it lasts. Being as good as we can to others. Love makes all the difference. We can be amazed what we can see. Even Miracles do happen along the way but we cannot take them for granted. #matterhorn #love #friends #one #epluribusunum #eichhoernchen #schmetterling #murmeltiere #piep #josef #heidi #hugo #fatma #gourmetweg #zermatt

Apple of Wisedom

Wild | Table

Trail of Life

Salvation #closertonature #wildtable After Paul spoke to Jeezy C, we found salvation. Our pilgrimage ended and the Mountain covered itself in clouds and disappeared. We rested, Georgia orchestrated the cooking, we drank and ate, slept and began with a healthy, sweet breakfast. Sun was shining when we said good bye to each other. We will meet again, don‘t know where, don‘t know when. The old chapter is finally closed, a new one begins. Auf Wiedersehen! See you! Amen. And by the way: Do not forget to join the Club! #paulbegg #pilgrimage #matterhorn #salvation #closertonature #joinwildtableclub

Salvation. A new home.

7 Friends

7 to climb the Mountain

This is life. #closertonature #wildtable #lovemakesallthedifference #feltmountain #pilgrimage #salvation #paul #giventothewild

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