Life at its core is poetry.

Truth is like poetry.
Truth is hard to grasp.

It is elevating, cruel, beautiful, perfect, random, unexpected, horrifying, lovely, sweet.

Most people hate poetry.
Spring is near. It is within my grasp. For me.
Most people hate poetry.
I hate it!
I love it!

Poetry is a hard fuck.
Life is a hard fuck. Oh fuck!
Do the fuck what you want with your fucking life!
If you cannot stand poetry, fuck off!
Go fuck yourself, you fuck!

Fuck the fuck with your fucking life!
This is not fucking poetry!
This is my hate for the fuck of this world, for the ordinariry life, for this ordinary existence we share.
We cannot stand poetry since it contains the truth.

The truth is not a mystery.
The truth is the truth and it is poetry.

If you like the sound of poetry, look further! If you hate the sound of poetry, look further!
It is not worthwile talking to you, fucker!



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