Brazilian Girls – hot NYC band

Pop Ecletique – Talk to la bomb – that is a mixture. Raffiniert! and uberhorny! The Brazilian girls –great,great, great!!! Their single Jique closes the loop to the last Goldfrapp record “Supernature” and adds so much art chic of NYC without only quoting 80s Warhol pictures – it’s ecletic as it is genious. The hidden face of singer Sabina Sciubba is a theme on its own….”wenn ich mich vergesse” – polyglott mixtures and images in english, french, italian and german language. I’m longing for them touring Europe. We all need them or in Sabinas words:”Die Zukunft dieses Planeten als menschliches und tierisches Königreich hängt einzig und allein von dieser Platte ab. ” Sexy asshole a not-so-simple object of desire and flux. Got confused? I feel like an open fuse after I read Sabinas lyrics. So hope I get my lines straight tomorrow – after I haved listened to this record again and again and again and again and….

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