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Productive Narcissists

A couple of articles have been written stating that he was a “productive narcissist”. In the Sunday Times in 2009, psychiatrist Michael Maccoby noted “The very striking thing about productive […]

Mr. Cool (B.O. 2015) – Barack Obama

Nach dem Porträt der jungen Angela Merkel hab ich mich an Barack Obama alias Mr. Cool versucht. Ging nicht so einfach, der Mann hat auch einige Details, die mir nie […]

Reale Politik

Ein Video zur philosophischen Krise des politischen Denkens von Bazon Brock. Aufhänger ist die Situation in der Ukraine nach der völkerrechtswidrigen Annektion der Krim durch Vladimir Putin.

Syriah or: Does Westphalian sovereignty since 1648 apply?

International relations theorists have identified several key principles of the Peace of Westphalia of 1648, which explain the Peace’s significance and its impact on the world today: The principle of […]

Obama, Syriah and the virtue of being patient

Ref: “Speech Obama/Biden White House on Syriah” – Obama is a friend of the cinema. And he revealed his love for the cinema today in the speech on Syriah […]

Obama: President for the Middle Class

Difficult times bring us great men. Good times invite weak men to take over. Bush had the best of times and he ruined what he inherited. A solid budget, good […]

Krugman – too smart for the Obama team?

From the outside you can believe that too many Americans, please excuse the cliché, have a problem not if you are richer or wealthier than they are, it’s when you […]