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Mein Facebook-Account habe ich heute gelöscht. Meine Webseite mit der schönen Coffeetable-Book Seite Remix 2.0 ist offline. Die Daten sind gespeichert, aber lokal. Weil ich eine Vertrauenskrise habe. Und […]

4G High Speed Ad includes Twitter

Twitter could help Google form a real Epic 2014

It’s the hottest gossip for days, that Google tries to aquire Twitter, the microblogging service. Although that may be too early to be verified, it could be a inspiring leap […]

The 1st Twitter Website

Have a look, the design is genuinely easy and based on Twitter: After weeks searching for genuinely interesting Twits I only found Guy Kawasakis one to be worthile to […]

Twitter responsible for Economic Recession

Harvard Professor and Economist Martin Schmeldon of Harvard Business Schools blames the excessive use of “Twitter”, the Microblogging Tool, to have caused the major economic downturn we experience. The evidence […]