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Jim Thompson Haus

Als ich das Haus zum ersten Mal sah, war ich erregt wie verrückt! Mitten im Dschungel, in diesem wunderbaren Grün, in der ganzen üppigen Schwere, da sind so schöne Räume […]

Dan Maciuca: Eruption (2015)

Dan Maciuca: Eruption (2015)

Dan Maciuca: Eruption (2015), 130 x 150cm, Oil on Canvas. Part of the Collection since 2016. Here are some of Dan Maciucas words for the opening of his first show […]

Todays Designers role models: Moneymen!

The website “Freunde von Freunden” portrays people who are influential in art, design, fashion or cooking or say influence urban lifestyle of our generation. Usually there is a homestory with […]

80s bronce facade in Cologne

This unknown building has a special facade. Unfortunately I could not find out the architect, however in the late seventies when it was constructed it must have been quite ambitious. […]

Cocoon Architects

Have a look at some stunning eco architecture for beautiful South African landscapes