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Dan Maciuca: Eruption (2015)

Dan Maciuca: Eruption (2015)

Dan Maciuca: Eruption (2015), 130 x 150cm, Oil on Canvas. Part of the Collection since 2016. Here are some of Dan Maciucas words for the opening of his first show […]

Todays Designers role models: Moneymen!

The website “Freunde von Freunden” portrays people who are influential in art, design, fashion or cooking or say influence urban lifestyle of our generation. Usually there is a homestory with […]

80s bronce facade in Cologne

This unknown building has a special facade. Unfortunately I could not find out the architect, however in the late seventies when it was constructed it must have been quite ambitious. […]

Cocoon Architects

Have a look at some stunning eco architecture for beautiful South African landscapes