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Ioana Iacob, Untitled (Nude/Boobs), 2015

Ioana Iacob: Untitled (Nude/Boobs) 2015

Ioana Iacob: Untitled (Nude/Boobs), Oil on Canvas, 19x28cm Part of the Collection since 2016

Ioana Iacob: Heart (2016)

View on a table in Ioanas studio (2016). Ioana Iacob: Heart (2016), 20x15cm, Watercolour on Paper

Szabolcs Belényi: Opera (2016)

Szabolcs Belényi: Opera (2016). Szabolcs said to me: “I drew the opera before I actually saw it – it is my imagination of the Cluj Opera before I entered it.” […]

Alexander Gorlizki: Time to Think (2013)

Essen ist ein Hochgenuss, Kochen auch. Aber es gibt viele Formen von kulturellem Genuß, der die Sinne und den Geist streichelt: Musik, Literatur und für mich vor allem auch die […]

Szabolcs Veres: Herpes 8 (2012)

Veres Szabolcs (*1983), Herpes 8, 2012, 46*38cm, Oil on Canvas, added to the collection in 2015. Über Szabolcs Veres Werk Veres Szabolcs bedient sich Methoden der klassischen Malerei, die er […]

Hedwig Broukaert: Untitled (2014)

Hedwig Broukaert is a terribly exciting artist from Belgium who moved to NYC. She simply has incredible drawing talent. This particular drawing from a series of three is mindboggling, there […]