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Ioana Iacob: Still Life (2011)

Ioana Iacob: Still Life (2011), Oil on Canvas, 29x42cm, added to the collection in 2018 There is a debate necessary on women in art. Always. “Do woman have to be […]

Christos Venetis: Anaemic Archives (continued) 2018

Christos Venetis, Anaemic Archives (o.T. CV/P 182 “Whose that summer?”), Pencil on Book Cover, 21 x 31,5 cm, 2018 Christos Venetis, Anaemic Archives (o.T. CV/P 177 “Barbed Wire/Hope not Epic”), […]

Katherine Murphy: Arkwright Work Task – Filing (2016)

Katherine Murphy: Arkwright Work Task: Filing (alphabetically), 83 x 63 cm, Hahnenmühle Photo Rag, pen, 2016. Added to the collection in 2018. First of all: It’s Katherine Murphy, not to […]

Szabolcs Veres: The Pianist (2016)

Szabolcs Veres: The Pianist (2016)

Szabolcs Veres: The Pianist (2016) 40x32cm, 2016 Oil on Canvas. Part of the Collection since 2016. Note: As Szabolcs repeats his motives sometimes, there is one other work that I […]

Jonathan Callan: Space in the back of English Painting (2017)

This work by Jonathan Callan I collected because of its aesthetic beauty and also because it exemplifies what the ouevre of Callan is about: Jonathan comes from the UK, an […]

Callan @ Villa Zanders

Jonathan Callan is on display at Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach starting 15.09.2018 until 06.01.2019. The solo show is accompanied by works of Andreas My.

Philip Loersch: Lieblingsbuchstaben (2018)

Philip Loersch habe ich zum ersten Mal in einer Gruppenaustellung kennengelernt, kuratiert von Mathias Ricker. Darin waren so vollkommen unterschiedliche Künstler wie Nelleke Beltjens, Chiharu Shiota und Lucie Beppler vertreten. […]

German Stegmaier: 3 Werke (1997-2018)

“Die Mathematik handelt ausschließlich von den Beziehungen der Begriffe zueinander ohne Rücksicht auf deren Bezug zur Erfahrung.” Albert Einstein “German Stegmaier: Ein Minimalist ohne Prinzip und Pathos” Karl Bohrmann “Hat […]

Marius Bercea: Untitled (Guard), 2018

This paper work (mixed media) by Marius Bercea has an enormous presence, a beam of colourful light in any situation it is placed. Despite some disadvantages usually a work on […]

Art with Veins of Aggression bound with Anathesia, Paper, 118 x 70 cm

Jonathan Callan – Art with Veins of Aggression….(2014)

Jonathan Callan, Art with Veins of Aggression bound with Anathesia, 2014, Books & Glue on Wood, 118 x 70 cm. Part of the Collection since 2015. This collection piece I […]