Claire Morgan

I came across Claires work @ her gallerist, Karsten Greve. Stupendous waas my reaction to say the least. However, besides the faascination of an installation, it is rather difficult to explain the work. Claire says that a lot of it comes from impulse, subconsciously arranged, not necessarily intellectually composed. This is surprising regarding the consistency and perpertualness in the work body. The geometrical shapes which are often insects or seeds from blowballs hung on nylon, are an intellectual concept, this does not exist in nature, there is no perfect circle, the is no perfect square, these are human ideas of how man designs, calculates or thinks. They appear reduced, lightweight, obviously it is inspired by minimal art. Strangely enough the addition or compagnonship of other organisms, a fox, a sparrow, flies or else is if they are coming into the piece from a different dimension. These taxidermic bodies create or present a chaaracter, a protaagonist, that tells us a story. These birds interact, sometimes flying or moving through the shape and Morgan makes aerodynamic turbulences visible. It is almost as nature was being measured and explained scientifically. Or opposite to it, that nature does not fit into our human explainations and does what it wants without paying interest or taking distance to our scientific or technological concepts. Taxiderms are so exciting, I have collected them myself before. It is death, it presents nature, it was a life, it is just a dried up corpse. Taaxidermics were present in Damien Hirst work, but he did little with them. A shark in aa well designed tank is impressive, but there is no idea, no concept, maybe no art at all. Hirst is a designer where as Morgan is an artist that creates secrets, myths or reveals something that was not visible before. To me Morgans work is at the frontier or modern civiliztian where we look deep into nature again. This itself is so fundamental that we overlook the importance of it. Where is culture, where is wilderness? Where does human creation end, where do we create culture when we use our tools to work with nature. This is what I can see, although it does not explain the poetry of the work. An artist to be watched!

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