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Alexander Gorlizki, "Wither We?", Sculpture, Solid Brass, 2013

Alexander Gorlizki: Wither We? (2013)

Alexander Gorlizki: “Wither We?”, 2013, Sculpture made off Solid Brass (Messing), 25,4 x 33 x 25 cm. Added to the collection in 2017. Alex has started to explore arts in […]

Alexander Gorlizki: Looking in – Looking Out (2013)

Alexander Gorlizki: Looking In – Looking out (2013), Gold and Paint on Paper, 42,5 x 32 cm. Added to the collection in 2014. “Looking In – Looking Out” as well […]

Alexander Gorlizki: Smell the Coffee? (2013)

This drawing on a Man Ray photography by Alexander Gorlizki was also prominently featured in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung report on the Duesseldorf and Cologne gallery nights. Text FAZ 06.09.2013 […]