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Marius Bercea: Untitled (Guard), 2018

An obvious example of why Marius Bercea is one of the most iconic colourists of his generation is this mixed media work on paper. It obviously gains an enormous presence […]

Andy Harper: Cast (2012)

Andy Harper: Cast, Öl auf Holz, 20 x 14 cm (2012), hinzugefügt zur Sammlung in 2018. Andy Harper’s works often alternate in style or manner. They differ in composition, colour […]

Szabolcs Veres: Three Leged Woman (2016)

Szabolcs Veres: Three Leged Woman (2016)

Szabolcs Veres, Three Leged Woman (2016), 150 x 95 cm, Oil on Canvas, Part of the Collection since 2016. This oil painting may once be considered as a key work […]